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A quick tech tip here, but maybe I should stop writing this in the age of Short Videos!

Mac has this handy feature of scan a paper signature and insert it directly with a transparent background in any doc using it’s inbuilt Preview app.

For Microsoft’s Windows users, it’s a difficult task, juggling with installing external apps like Adobe Acrobat reader etc.

Even then inserting an image isn’t as easy as writing on a paper and scanning it because Adobe isn’t providing background removal to make it transparent

So here’s the tip

Go to a site like https://www.remove.bg/ and upload your sign paper photo and then let it magically make it a transparent image which you can use in Adobe to insert in PDF files

That’s it. What trick or tool you use for this purpose. Let me know in comments

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Adding a series of blog posts on actions that make a company customer friendly

Small little actions that increase trust with consumers

Many of the leading brands have gift cards. and vouchers as part of their offerings to drive sales.

And if you have bought a GC (Gift Card) or voucher you would know the pain when it expires

Here’s what Amazon does when a Gift Card is expiring, it sends multiple notifications to remind

Not 0, not 1, Multiple spaced reminders to make sure you don’t lose your hard-earned money.

That’s why they can claim their mission to be the world’s most customer-centric company.

Wish others in the space learn and do this keeping their profit first motive aside.

Which other company/brand have seen do it perfectly like this?

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