Adding a series of blog posts on actions that make a company customer friendly

Small little actions that increase trust with consumers

Many of the leading brands have gift cards. and vouchers as part of their offerings to drive sales.

And if you have bought a GC (Gift Card) or voucher you would know the pain when it expires

Here’s what Amazon does when a Gift Card is expiring, it sends multiple notifications to remind

Not 0, not 1, Multiple spaced reminders to make sure you don’t lose your hard-earned money.

That’s why they can claim their mission to be the world’s most customer-centric company.

Wish others in the space learn and do this keeping their profit first motive aside.

Which other company/brand have seen do it perfectly like this?

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इस भीड़ में कौन जला कौन बुझा,
अपनों को भी पता न चला।

इतना कुछ देख गैरों को भी अपनी चिंता सताने लगी,
चिता पर अपनी तस्वीर नज़र आने लगी।

नहीं देखा कभी किसी ने ऐसा कोई खूनी मंज़र,
हर पल हर किसी के सीने पर चुभ रहे कई तीखे खंजर

उम्मीद नाउम्मीदी में बदल चुकी सबकी,
पर नेताओं तो अभी भी याद आ रही अपनी चाय की चुस्की,

क्या उनकी नियत अभी भी बदलेगी,
या ये ज्वाला यूँही और दहलेगी।

उनका काम तो काम वोट से भी चल जाना है,
सिर्फ प्रतिशत में अव्वल आना है।

पर आप और…

As startup founders especially those who are bootstrapped or don’t have the luxury of large funds, we are always on the lookout for few perks on products. Right from AWS, Google cloud credits to any other benefit we can save on products that are vital to function like a CRM tool or a developer productivity software.

Over the few years we have been in the space, we have been lucky and blessed to get that support from incubator and accelerator programs we were part of. They usually provide thousands of dollars of free credits on a good number of products.

We are living in scary times where even the slightest fever brings fear and nightmare of the worst scenarios.

Few days back when a relative had fever, our doctor suggested going for blood tests including Widal and Typhidot test apart from usual blood, malaria tests etc.

The Typhoid tests returned positive.

But our doctor said this could be due to Covid as well.
He shared this video while mentioning that false positives show up.

This was shocking and scary to know. Lots of uncertainty and questions started popping up.

He mentioned he had seen other cases of corona where…

Watching The World Burn

रूह नहीं कांपती अब तेरी,
तू यह जो देखता चला आया है ।
कल तेरी तस्वीर भी लगा देंगे
तब पूछने तेरी रूह आएगी,
मुझे क्यों यहां लटकाया है?

#MissingPeace #NotTheNorm #Accustomed #Spineless #Indifference #WorryNotWorld

Very quick blog on today’s offer which can help you can get goods worth Rs 3200 from Mi with just a little effort and begging for help from your friends :D #Mi24HourMadness

Here’s how it works

Step 1 : Click on these links and click Drop Price Now button

Step 2: If you have a Mi account signin, else create a Mi Account and login, it will also provide you a 850 Rs worth voucher

Step 3: After login, Click I want it too and generate your own shareable link

Step 4: Share among friends and family…

किसी के लिए माँ, किसी के लिए सासु माँ,
कभी दादी माँ, कभी नानी माँ,
कभी बड़ी माँ, छोटी माँ, भाभी माँ …

पुकारते तुझे तेरे बच्चे अलग अलग नाम से,
आँचल में सर रख सोते बेहद आराम से |

कुछ का आँचल अब नसीब ना होता,
कुछ को आँचल अब नसीब ना होता |

चहक उठते हैं तेरे चेहरे को देख कर,
एक राहत ,एक सुकून का एहसास होता है हर दफा तुझसे मिलकर,
ना जाने ये तुम्हारा लाड प्यार कैसी दुआ है,
हर थकान को मुस्कान में बदल देने की दवा है,
क्या कभी तेरी ये जादुई दवा…

This is going to be some unpolished stuff , please bear , lot of screenshots/screen recordings to convey the issues

So I got to know that ABOF — Aditya Birla Online Fashion which was shut down in Q4'17 has been relaunched
Qrious to read more I did a Twitter search and the findings of that is what prompted me to write this rant of sorts
I find it difficult to understand why is it happening and would appreciate if people share their explanations

Abof has this sale going on their website :

Here’s what happened next, I tried searching info…

Here’s a STORY
of someone’s feeling of GLORY,
which left someone’s whole life SCARY.

It’s not about day or night, auto or taxi,
it’s about that one chance WHICHever WHEREver WHENever is EASY.

It’s not about Mumbai Delhi or Bangalore,
it’s about our mentality of considering every other women a WHORE.

It’s not just LUST,
it’s about our moral values submerged deep in RUST.

It’s time to pay HEED,
to women who bleed and those forcefully made to BLEED.

It’s not about YOU or ME,
it’s about considering everyone part of a national/global FAMILY,
And raging EVERY TIME like it…

Maa, wo din achhe the jab
tere aanchal mein sar rakhe bina ghanto bhi nahi gujrte the,
Ab to mahinon beet jaate hain us pal ko taraste taraste

Maa, wo din achhe the jab
tere haathon k bina
ek niwala nahi khate the,
ab to tere haathon se bane khane ko taras jaate hain

Maa, wo din achhe the jab
teri Lori se sote aur kabhi pyaar kabhi phatkaar se uth jaate the,
ab to teri ek pukaar to taras jaate hain

Maa, wo din achhe the jab
har kisi ki daant se bachane
ko tu hoti thi
Ab to teri…

Ravi Sethia

Founder & CEO @ Udhaar, Consights Tech | Comp Science & Engg @ IIT Guwahati, Analytics, Data Science, Ideas, Startups, Amateur Poet, Curious Explorer @_curiousx

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